Saturday, May 26, 2012

Nashville Bound

Hi Everyone

Big hello from a sunny Chicago. So good to be back in my place even if it was only for a few days. After a really great holiday in Ireland (and Montenegro) I am back in business.

This week involved planning the next few weeks which is a hop, skip and a jump across the US for several different events. Lots of planning involved. Honestly i should open a travel agency. Everyone thinks I have "people" to handle all that stuff and while I have management, I would rather organise everything myself. I like to know what flights, what seats on what airline, what hotel room etc. YES, I am a self proclaimed control freak.

This week also involved getting the word out on Daniel Furlong's autographed album set which proved to be hugely popular. I knew they would be. I simply could not believe that noone in North America could purchase the hard copy. Over the coming months we will make it available on Amazon and in retail for people.

I am off to Nashville tomorrow for a week of writing. Writing makes me happier than performing. I love the process of being in the studio, writing and recording as we make progress, especially if it gets me to work with heroes of mine. I cannot believe who I am meeting this coming month. Shapiro Bernstein have set up appointments with major writers through June. Some names literally left me speechless. This week alone, I get to write with Ralph Murphy and Pat Alger. I couldnt believe when i saw Pat's name. I first started singing his songs 20 years ago. One of his is "Once in a very Blue Moon" with Nanci Griffith and recorded by Mary Black. Anyone who knows me will know the song was my party piece for many years. He also wrote What She's Doin Now, Unanswered Prayers, The Thunder Rolls with Garth Brooks. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Garth's songs and those albums in the early 90's were monsters. I remember my mate Greg and I singing them all the time. He has written and performed with Dolly, Peter , Paul and Mary, Lyle Lovett, Kathy Mattea(Goin Gone - another big favorite of mine), Trisha Yearwood. The list is endless....and now I get to work with him. I am BLESSED!

I also get to work with Bill La Bounty who wrote and performed Livin It Up.
I love his sound and want to sing his music. By Monday evening I hope to be doing just that.
Don't mind sayin, I am terrified. Hopefully, I will come up with some ideas and not make a fool of myself in front of these guys. Will keep you informed. In the meantime, I plan on enjoying the vibe in Nashville. I love it there. So laid back and easy. My plan this year was not to sweat the small stuff and it is indeed working. I am really enjoying myself. I delayed the second PBS special for that very reason. It is just time for me to take some time for myself and slow down a bit.

I am off to sing in Los Angeles for a private event on June 9 and then I return to Ireland on June 13 for another event. I will fill you in when the details are announced. I THEN, hop back on a plane and head back to Nashville for more writing(with more legends) and the June 25 concert with Vince Gill, Melinda Dolittle, Mandiza and many more.

Sorry for not posting the winter tour dates yet. They are coming together but we want to complete the tour schedule before posting them. Some resourceful fans have been combing the internet to find thaters that have posted dates. One fan let me know a date before i knew about it! YUP! Anyways, I am off to enjoy the sunshine and am heading out for a run by the lake. Bye for now, next update from NASHVILLE.

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