Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Michael Londra Presents..........

Hi Everyone

I just got back from Ireland. Had the best time ever. It involved much Guinness, great foods in amazing restaurants in Wexford - seriously, it has to be one of the best towns for food in Ireland, some singing and more Guinness. I get to go back in 3 weeks for a special event which I will talk about very soon. I've lots of news and will update you in the coming week but...... I wanted to first let you know that I met with Daniel Furlong and his family. He came along to my concert and sang a few songs for me. He is just so talented. I love listening to how pure his voice is. He indeed reminds me of a boy soprano I knew once.....ahem! We were chatting about him being back at home and how happy he is to be back in school, hanging with his friends and being with his lovely family. In our conversations I realised something. I couldn't believe that you cannot get his amazing album in the US.You can source it on itunes, but that is it. I was astonished and decided to something about it. I know his real fans would love nothing more than a real cd signed by the man himself.

So we have come up with a plan to get his album out to as many people as possible in North America. He and I are very excited to work together on this. We are starting with this wonderful album in North America and plan on bringing it to many other countries. The "Boys of Wexford" are a force to be reckoned with...ok he's the boy and I'm an old geezer!

Many artists come to me with great talent, needing advice and a few tips on getting their great music out there. Through Radiocelt and my own singing and producing career, I come across the finest in Celtic talent and all too often noone gets to hear this great music. I think it is about time to do something about that. In the coming year, I will present several artists in a "Michael Londra Presents" series. Now Daniel needs no introduction but now he is at home focusing on school, I can help him out over here.

So, before the album goes out to the general public we have 100 autographed copies available NOW to you, his dedicated fans in around the world. The album wont be released to the general public until later in the summer.

1. Voice of an Angel
2. Over the Rainbow
3. Tears in Heaven
4. Someday
5. Pie Jesu
6. Bright Eyes
7. I have a Dream
8. Life the Wings
9. Morning has Broken
10. Nella Fantasia
11. You Raise Me Up
12. When She Loved Me

We know many people out there don't trust cyber payments so you can send a check for $18 plus $6 Post/Packaging to CELT Productions LLC 600 South Dearborn Street #210 Chicago, IL 60605 - 1822 www.michaellondra.com


  1. Daniel does indeed have a voice of an angel!

  2. What great news..my check will be in the mail today. Thank you for mentoring this very talented young man..he deserves all the help we can give him. Hugs to you..

  3. Michael,
    What a great idea with "Michael Londra Presents...." What better way to bring us some more amazing Celtic talent that may never have the chance to be heard here in the US. And I can't agree more that the best way to kick this off is with your fellow Wexfordian,Daniel Fulong. You are the perfect mentor for Daniel and I'm sure we'll hear more of him.
    Can't wait to get my CD. And also waiting to hear what you have planned for this fall also. :)

  4. Are the signed CD still available as of today? If yes please reserve 2 for me.