Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 - What a year!!!!

Well, Well, Well!!!!

How did that happen? How did a whole year pass by so quickly? I am dumbstruck. Yet, it seems to have happened. I am assuming it is not because I haven't been paying attention but because I have simply had a busy year.

Photo Credit Diana Dumbadse Photography

It was a landmark year for me. 14 countries, 2 x 50th birthday parties, 1 new house, 1 new company and 0 new recordings!!!

First of all I am sorry for not getting my act together to get a new album to you. I am seriously distracted by so much other stuff. I am not going to promise anything but my intention is to record this year. I have designs on a special project and if I can get it started in the coming month or two then we should have something ready for you later in the year.

i really should've gotten it done this year, but you see this year I decided to stop and smell the roses...well not exactly stop as this is something I have not been able to do, ever.  No, I slowed down somewhat to do some travelling. Sure, I had international concerts that brought me to the neighborhood and while I was there i took some time out and hiked, strolled, ate, drank and laughed my way through Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Australia, Sri Lanka and many more.

My favorite stop this year and any other year, for that matter, was Cambodia. It made it's way into my heart very quickly with temples, spicy food, hiking in the jungle, cold beers at the setting sun but mostly the gentle beautiful people. I cannot wait to get back there.

I headed to Ireland a few times as usual only this time I got to celebrate my 50th birthday with family and friends, some who i hadn't seen in 25 years. What a wonderful time it was. It is hard to describe what I feel about Wexford. I will never live there again but it will always be my favorite place. I belong there and all is right with the world when I am at home.

The day after my 50th,  I headed to Dublin to meet fans on my first tour to Ireland. I was such a treat for me to host everyone on our musical tour. It was also a treat to become a tourist myself. I forgot how gorgeous my own country is. The concert in Wexford and the reception in my honor at the National Opera House was very special I will treasure the award given to me by Wexford County Council, always. I will always treasure that tour. The first of many. Hope you are coming this year.

My next international stops involved concerts in Scandinavia with a new Ireland based band and crew. I was nervous about working with these musicians but i needn't have worried. I had picked the most talented and easiest people to work with. They were a joy. I was privileged to work with such a cast and crew and our shows were a huge success particularly in Denmark which was screened for Danish TV channel DK 4.

So I am home and packing my house up for a move to a beautiful home that we have found. I couldn't be more excited about it. i have made Ames my home.....for now. I like it here. I get to live the simple life. We have found a beautiful place that needs some work but nothing we can't handle. I can't wait to get decorating.

 Add to that, on January 1 I officially begin a new role as Founding Partner of Venuworks Theatricals with President of Venuworks, Steve Peters. This is something I have wanted to create for many years and will define my working life for years to come. Venuworks has created a Broadway and National tour portfolio that we now hope to build on. I could not be more excited.
We have two very exciting productions that we are working on.

Please don't be concerned that I am giving up the singing. I love my shows. I love my band. I love my job. I am not giving it up.

Not really sure how or why I got to be so lucky, but I am. I have a great career, beautiful family and friends, an army of people who support my singing, a life long partner and good health. May you all be as happy as I am. May 2016 bring you all you wish for and may we continue to walk this road together. Thank you for being there for me. I hope whatever I bring to the table gives you some peace and joy.