Wednesday, February 27, 2013

New Songs

My Beautiful Londrettes (movie pun's Oscars week)

So much to talk about today. Well for starters, between 9am and 5pm I got about a foot of snow in my garden. I was all excited about spring finally crawling out of the roots only to have my dreams crushed this morning. I live for the day I will walk out to see the crocus or a daffodil. If spring won't come here, well I will just have to go find it so I am off on Monday to begin some more travelling.
Heading to the Cowan Center in Tyler, TX for a night of fun. I think there are a few seats left but not much. I love Texas. Steaks are big and woman have huge hair. What's not to love!!! I am excited to get there as we are rolling out some of the new songs that I wrote in Nashville over the past few months. I want to get to know the songs before i go into the studio to record them. I have only demos of the songs recorded. I will get to know them more throughout the dates in March so by April I will actually be really comfortable with them. Singing a new song, even if you write it yourself, is like meeting someone new. It takes a while to really get to know them.

So I know you are all waiting for me to release all this new material but we have really special plans for the songs and want to sing them with really special people. This takes a while to put together but in the meantime, to celebrate the 6 millionth view of my version of Danny Boy, the lovely people at WBA Records asked me if I had some songs that I had already recorded that I would like the world to hear. We looked back and found some really nice Irish songs, a few that people think are Irish and even one that I think should be Irish. You have heard one or two of the songs previously but you can totally download the songs track by track.

The album is ready for pre-order here but you can download the tracks individually here.

click image to pre-order

We are working with Youtube on a new contest that the public can enter. We have an amazing first prize that will involve free flight, hotel, tickets to my show in Foxwoods Casino, CT in December. Can't wait to see what you produce. Details next week.

I am heading back into the studio in April for some more recording in Nashville but then head to Ireland to start rehearsing for a show I am working on. Details coming soon. I sing in Ireland at a Gathering Event in June. Details on all this stuff is coming soon.

The real big event for April is the Concern Spring Run which just happens to be on my birthday this year, April 13. I have decided that I would just love to celebrate my big day by running in Central Park for my favorite charity on this earth, Concern Worldwide. The run was announced a few weeks ago but I felt it was a little early to get your attention. Here is the deal.....

I am asking for people to help me in one of a few ways. You can either donate whatever you can afford to my run by going here

If you want to come to New York to run, walk, crawl in Central Park I would LOVE you to join my team by going here

You can if you want, just join me at the finish line to come to a little bar I have found to celebrate my birthday. I would be honored to have you join me to celebrate my ** birthday. I would ask however that you join my team to do so, HERE

I promise lots of fresh air, laughs at my expense, pints afterward in one of my locals in NYC and a custom Team Michael Londra T Shirt.

All funds raised will go to educational funds in Haiti. I have seen the exact schools this money goes to and can tell you their work is second to none. I plan on my 7th visit to Haiti soon after to witness and film their work in action.

MICHAEL LONDRA: Going Home to Haiti from Concern Worldwide US on Vimeo.

Dates open to public in March
March 05 Cowan Center, Tyler, TX
March 16 Admiral Theater, Bremerton, WA
March 17 Wells Fargo Center, Santa Rosa, CA
March 28 The Center, Somerset, KY
March 29 Marion Cultural Center, Marion, IL

I head to Nashville on April 1 as I have been asked by the nice people at the Grammys to be part of the Grammy U program. For some funny reason they think I might be an influence to young kids in music. I am so honored to be asked to share my little knowledge with people new to the industry. I have so much respect for the people I have met in the Recording Academy so I am excited...and a little nervous. We will take photos and share with you all about my first session.

You know I like to recommend other artists work so this time I want to get you guys to listen to
the new album by Heidi Talbot.  She is a remarkable talent and the musicians on this album are second to none in Irish music.This is my kind of music and if you want a different kind of Irish sound to what you are used to then this should be interesting for you. Heidi started out as singer for Cherish the Ladies but has since forged her own career.

Obviously anyone who reads this has already bought Mythology, the new Celtic Thunder album and dvd. Have to say I am bowled over by the quality of this one. Gorgeous production and musical direction. I was talking to the team behind it all last night and heaped the praise on. I am privvy to their promo for this new project and have to say, I am happy I am solo artist doing my own thing. The hours and miles involved with the lads is insane. Still though, they deserve all the huge success. The enormity of their Australian tour reminded of the early days when Jean Clancy played that first cd for me before anyone had heard it. Proud of them and very happy to have played a small part in it all at the very start.

There must be something in the air this week as 3 separate parties contacted me about producing their new projects with a view to touring here in the US. I've been involved in a few projects as producer before, co produced my own special for PBS and I love it as much as performing. I am certainly taking on at least one of the projects and will share more about that soon. This year will involve many miles for me too but I can handle it.

Heading to Ireland in April as I can't let more than 6 months pass without going home to spend time with my parents and heading to my local for a pint of Guinness.(life's simplest and greatest joy). I am working at home for a few days so I have my excuse to get there.  Mam and Dad celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary this year and they aren't behind the door in wanting to celebrate. I get my joy of life and in life from those two. They are hilarious and are the heart and soul of every party so the big one being held in Wexford in September should be quite a blast.

The past few weeks I have had time to stop and look at how my life is going and what I want for the future. My priorities have changed hugely.  I am so happy with my lot and lucky with the opportunities that have come along for me. I guess they didn't just come along, I made them. I look around at it all and am so grateful. Most of all I am so thankful to have lovely people in my life, especially all you fans. It is an odd word that I really not comfortable with but i know I am so happy to have you in my life and that my small attempt at bringing joy to people is so well received.

I have no great desire to change the world with my music. My greatest joy comes from knowing that in the smallest moments in life, people can stop, listen to my songs and take that time themselves to enjoy life's simplest but most fulfilling pleasures.........Isn't music just great?

Right then, I am signing off and heading for a large mug of Java.
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Big Love to every one of you

ML xo