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I am sitting at home in Wexford after a pretty great Fathers Day with my parents. We had lunch in the Riverbank Hotel overlooking Wexford Harbour and the sun across the bay. We had great food, fresh as a daisy. After a full weekend of celebrations, we opted for sodas instead of Guinness. I feel so lucky to be able to get home this week, just a month after my last trip to Wexford. I was asked to come back to be presented with the Wexford Ambassador Award. On Thursday I flew across from LA through Chicago, on to London then Dublin. I was a complete wreck once I got home and had only a few hours of sleep before getting ready for the event being held in the theater i was raised in, Wexford Opera House. This years recipients are John Banville Dermot O Leary Ann Doyle Billy Walsh The night was very special to me. I have so much pride in Wexford and to see it returned, was humbling and thrilling. The evening was all about getting the word out on our amazing county. It truly is a special part of the world and I would love you to learn more about it by going to the VISIT WEXFORD website.


The formal part of the evening concluded with the presentation of the Irish Music Award for Best Irish Tenor. To have this special award voted for by the fans, be presented in my home town made the whole night so special to me. My thanks go to the Irish Music Association and especially to Bob Reeder for his tireless work to help develop and promote Irish music in North America. Can't tell you how thrilled I am to get the award. It is so beautifully crafted and looks lovely on my mam's mantel.

We headed down the road then to celebrate in The Thomas Moore Tavern The whole weekend ended up being truly a very special time. I have another day before heading back stateside. I havent too long to wait next time as I come back in October to host and perform in the Wexford Festival Opera Gala Concert. As you can see there was much celebrating that night. It went into the wee hours of the night. As we say at home, it was an epic session. Here is a pic of my very happy mammy.

Equally happy sister Majella and nephew Dylan.

My motley crew of friends and family. Yes, it was as rowdy as it looks. In Wexford they know how to celebrate.

there was more singing!

I head to Nashville again for the next 2 weeks. I get to work with some more legends in songwriting. This time I am striking it lucky with Marcus Hummon who wrote Bless the Broken Road for Rascal Flatts, Tommy Lee James who wrote A Man This Lonely for Brooks and Dunne, Wade Kirby, Frank Myers who wrote I Swear and Jen Adan for wrote Blake Shelton's She wouldn't be gone. So all I need to figure out now is how in hell I am going to match these greats in writing. Right now I have a few ideas for songs so let's hope they don't laugh me out of the room. It is so fulfilling for me. I am hoping to write with other artists in mind but I am also finding songs for the next album. I want to start recording by the end of the summer. No timeline yet which is better for me. Regardless, I am falling in love with Nashville. It is my kind of town. I love the easy way down there. I really have to ease off the great food though. I have put on the pounds lately and the summer is the time for me to lose the few pounds.

Performing with the awesome Vince Gill on Monday next at the Sophie Shines Event. SO EXCITED!
I promise to post pics

So the best news is that this week after talking to lots of you about Daniels album, we decided to continue with our online store up to handle my album The Road Not Taken album as well as Daniel's The Voice of an Angel CD. The Road Not Taken is my best work. I am so proud of it.  Anyways, we want to combine them in a deal for a short time to save you a few bob. We know these are tough times so any savings you can make on music orders mean a lot.. The Boys of Wexford deal means you can get both albums for a reduced price.

The Boys of Wexford Package - The Voice of an Angel + The Road Not Taken

 The Road Not Taken Autographed

 I got so many emails in the past weeks about getting autographed copies. So before i head to Nashville I am sitting down in Chicago to sign some and they will be there for any of you to order.

Voice of an Angel

Daniel has been away on holidays in the Gaeltacht( Gaelic speaking part of the country in the west of Ireland) so I didn't see him on this trip. I did however chat with his mom and she is thrilled to be seeing more of him this year. Happy to report that he is in great spirits and living his time in Connemara.

Happy to hear the little bit of better news on my friend Ryan Kelly. I am sorry I couldn't answer your emails on the subject but I wanted to respect Ryan's family wishes. Anyways, I hope he is back out there in the near future. He deserves every bit of good fortune that comes his way. He is one of the nicest guys in show business I know.

News on the Winter tour : Working with my manager on the dates for the Christmas tour which is now looking a treat. We have more dates to add though and don't want to add dates bit by bit. I will say there are 2 dates already out there. Delighted to be going back for a third time to the Mayo Center in Morristown, NJ and the very posh Spivey Hall in Atlanta (one of my favorite venues in North America). There are MANY more dates to come and we promise a bigger and better show to last year's holiday show. New music, songs and exciting new dancers.

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