Sunday, February 13, 2011

5 weeks to go

So I am back home in Chicago after a month of running around the country and a quick trip back to Ireland to say hello for a few days as I haven't a hope of getting home now until June at least.
I was in LA finalising the PBS show and what a show it will be. The exciting news is that the city of San Bernardino is building a 2 day Irish Festival around the theater on the day before the taping(st paddys day) and the day of the show itself. They will have parades, a spirit of Ireland contest, a Danny Boy singing contest, Irish bands, pipers and bands. Should be fun and hopefully we will get some of those fun people dressed up in their green regalia to come in to the show.
I was in the studio last week getting new songs recorded to have for the album accompanying the PBS show.We have some new crossover classical numbers, new covers and really cool opening song involving me and my dancers from Celtic Fire.
The orchestra seems to be getting bigger everytime I turn around but we need a big sound. We will have about 22 I think so that should sound really nice. AT the piano will be my MD and producer Steve Skinner. At the baton conducting will be my touring pianist and keys player Peter Storms. I've asked a few of my singing friends to be part of my backing vocalists(he said thinking of the party after!)
I had some meetings last week to plan the release of the album and have come to an agreement with a top Entertainment Company TBA. ONCE I SIGN, you will be the first to know. We certainly have some exciting plans to keep me busy.
So I was delighted to get an offer of 18 dates at the Marines Memorial Theater in downtown San Francisco in December. It means spending the holidays in sunny California but I am cool with that. Working again in Union Square district is certainly an exciting prospect. The theater holds about 700 and we have 18 nights to fill the place so I will be heading out a lot this year to promote. Again....I have no problems with promoting in San Francisco. I already have a list of restaurants I want to go to, not to mention my old haunt Casey's from my Riverdance days!!!!
I have been blessed this year so far. Everything seems to be falling into place for the special. I have the best team working on it. We had our first production meeting about 2 weeks ago and meeting everyone at the theater was ....overwhelming. I was speechless when I walked in to the beautiful space and seeing all the creatives turn to say hello. I was praying noone would ask my opinion as I felt completely overwhelmed that all these tv professionals were there for me. I turned into an awkward 12 year old afraid to talk. It came out alright. My agent and the producers kept it all moving and I just pretended I knew what everyone was talking about.
The theater is so beautiful. Showtime use it a lot for their stand up comedy specials.
I cannot wait for you to hear the new ballad I co-wrote called All My Life. It is the best thing we have put down in the studio I believe. We have a new opening song called Brand New World involving the dancers.We have also decided to add a song recorded by one of my major influences, Mary Black. It is not an obvious song choice for me but we wanted to spice it up a bit and this came to mind. I've also blended 2 songs from the 40s to add a touch of it a classic mash up, if you will.....
I will perform one song with De Dannan and another with Sephira.
Still trying to figure out what to wear but dont worry, it wont be a kilt. We are talking suit....i think.
So 5 weeks to go.....and much to do......more news very soon!


  1. Everything sounds great and all coming together
    for you! I think you should wear a kilt at some
    point know we love those kilts!!
    I'm looking forward to your new songs too, they
    sound like some work has gone into them and will be great! What an opportunity for you to shine, and you will!!

  2. I can't wait to see the results of everyone's hard work.

  3. I am so glad I wandered over here to read! I was looking forward to the filming already, and now I'm really excited about it.