Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Quick Review

So it is the end of 2010 and it is time to evaluate.I guess i've done it before but for some reason it is all the more important now. I am the definition of a rolling stone, never gathering moss,good nor bad, the stuff that catches on to you while not noticing. I dont ever notice what is good or bad. I am consumed with the moving forward, not quite ambition as the need to make change, not wanting to ever be famous but to be great, to change lives, to be the fullest and the best I can be.
This year,in my family life, social life and career I have made leaps. I realised how much I loved the leaping and not quite reaching the goals. That is the secret for me.
I have the career I always wanted. I have more live dates than anyone could want, I have a family life despite being in entertainment and I have been offered things I always wanted a shot at.
I was excited to be offered my own PBS special. I am thrilled but realistic. I know what is involved and have watched many fail in presenting a concert film to the public. I have the best of people around so i think it will be great fun and a huge success. I am however lucky to have reached an age where it doesnt matter a huge amount to me if it doesnt shake the earth. I am so excited by the project. People who know will know that I love having a project.
I gained a green card, much to my delight. I am to a degree half an American. I love having my feet in both countries and will continue to when I go for my citizenship...i need to be able to vote. Irish people are political by their very nature.
I found this year that fans were just fantastic. They wrote lovely letters, cards and sent presents. There was a few times involving hotel stalking that was unusual to say the least but I guess it comes with the job. I am grateful to everyone for the love and the support.
To everyone who came out for the tours, thank you. The Holiday tour is always my favorite as it is a smaller band and just 7 of us take to the road. It is always an adventure but always the best laugh. I love my band on and off stage so we have the best time and I think it shows. There were a few gigs I didnt want to end. Billings was really fun as was Santa Rosa with the big troupe. On that tour in March we went out with 17 and this coming spring we head out with 19 starting with sold out shows in Florida in January......now that is something to look forward to.
If anyone wants so be in the audience for the PBS special let me know. I will get your name down. March 18, The California Theater, San Bernardino, CA. So far the designer John Casey and director Mark Lucas are coming up with a plan. Producers, Mindfox are dynamic as you would imagine. Lots of excitement but lots to do.
Before I go I just want to say how grateful I am to you people who log on every day, to people who send encouraging emails, to everyone who helps spread the word. I am so very grateful to you for doing that and think about it every day. I hope you hvae that kind of love in your life.
So 2011 is going to be great. I hope it brings good things to you too. For now though, have a happy christmas. Nollaig Shona Love Michael

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  1. So nice to read your end of the year reflections. Where does one sign up to be able to go to the PBS filming in March? Here?
    If so, please put me down - 4 tickets!
    Love to see what you will be doing for that show. :)