Monday, November 22, 2010


So I just got back from China. Beijing is polluted beyond belief and anytime you raise this with Beijingers, they reply that it is fog which is funny. I like the town. It is stately in places, crazy and frenetic in others. I stayed in the cool Sanlitun area so safe to say I had a Starbucks on my doorstep. I did eat pretty amazing food including exotic dishes like Ox Tendon....interesting. I had Peking Duck with the addition of Goose. Have to say it was delicious. I may or may not have sampled Beijing nightlife including a funny speakeasy at the Workers Stadium. The trip was a big success now I am suffering the worst jetlag ever.
Recommendation for hotel

SO now begins the holiday tour which as usual should be great fun. Sad to say my trusted friend and guitarist Mellad wont be with us as his wife is having a baby. I do want to let you know that the lovely Caitlin Warbelow will be out with us on this tour. She is fun and brilliant on the fiddle,
Preperation is underway for the PBS special to be recorded in San Bernardinos California Theater on March 18. We will be running a contest for free tickets to the taping in the New Year. I am delighted to say our first guest artist will be Frankie Gavin and De Dannan. I love trad and these are just the best there is. Frankie is a legend and I am honored to have them on board. We have one more exciting guest to announce but that wont happen until the New Year.

We go into the studio this week to record new material for the album to accompany the PBS dvd. So excited to get the earphones on and start singing. I love being in a studio as much as being on stage , if not more. We have a greatv new original song to record and much more.

Just when I thought I would focus on being a producer along came a chance to sing some more so the decision was made for me. I am excited about 2011 and in this week of thanksgiving, I am so grateful that I have this gift which allows me to do amazing things around the world.

Thanks for all your lovely emails. I just love to get them

Happy Thanksgiving.

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