Tuesday, September 21, 2010

This week.

I went to see the taping for Celtic Thunder's 2 new PBS productions, Heritage and Christmas. I had a blast. I dont know what I expected really but honestly the Christmas show was particularly impressive. Phil Coulter's arrangements were great and I loves the lads performances. It is great to see Damien growing up and his voice has dropped to a spectacular chocolate bass. He has a big future that kid. As for the Heritage show, for me Keith's version of The Dutchman was just gorgeous. It was astounding to watch the Thunderheads in action. They are fanatical to say the least. Watching their reaction to our wearing coveted backstage passes was hilarious. Anyways, watch out for the Christmas tour dates and the special. It is full of Christmas cheer and just put me in a great mood.
I spent the evening , of course, looking at the whole set up as I prepare to put together my own dvd special. I feel great having seen it all in action as I can put my own production in perspective and now realise exactly what is involved.
Thanks to Sharon Browns and Jean Clancy for the invitation. I had a ball.
Meanwhile the boys are No 27 on Billboard charts this week and have 3 albums in the World Music Charts. Talk about great sales!!!
De Dannan bring out a new album this week. Watch out for it, Check out this video
Liz Knowles launches her album this week in Chicago. Check it out. She is a great fiddle player and this album is just gorgeous
I leave for Wexford and China in that order next week and will be out of the country for about a month. Looking forward to seeing the folks.

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