Friday, February 25, 2011

Calm Before the Storm!

Hello Everyone

3 weeks to go and all seems to be in order. I feel really good about everything and surprisingly calm. I just decided a few weeks ago to let it all go and focus on being a decent singer for the show. We have been recording vocals and instrumental tracks in Steve Skinners studio. He is simply a wonder and has the temperament that is perfect for any artist. He is so focused and logical in his approach whereas I am ALL OVER THE PLACE! I guess it is a good pairing.

Our new songs have really come together nicely. In a PBS recording you need to have people recognise most of the songs but I wanted to add a few for the dvd that will make people sit up and listen and say "what is that?". One song I am particularly excited about called All My Life involves a collaboration with Sephira who play so beautifully. Yes.....I will look like an old geezer singing with them but I think it will be fine. I am also thrilled with the opener as it mixes my singing with dancers. I have 4 dancers from my Celtic Fire show. Rachael, Owen and of course my sidekicks Logan and Claire. It is so important for me to have the musicians and dancers i love involved in this. You don't find too much loyalty in our business so when you find gems, you keep them. Also in the mix is Mellad, David and Jeremy from An Dochas...of course!

So I went to get fitted for the clothes I am wearing this week. I am not used to being measured to within an inch of my life but it was less painful than I thought it would be. It will certainly make an impact but at the same time I will feel very comfortable. Now all I have to do is not pack on the will be fitted, to say the least!

This weekend begins March madness and I head up to Spokane and Idaho Falls
I get to hang with my band and dancers up there. I love being with them as I sap up their enthusiasm as soon as they walk into a theater. Sales have been very strong and I think the PBS connection probably helps considerably.
We have added more dates for this year including July 23 with the Lancaster Symphony and some dates in South Carolina in October which should extend my summer a bit.

Mindfox Productions have been such a help over the past few weeks getting everything in order for March 18 so a big shoutout to them. Led by Dr. Travis Fox and Brenda Markstein the team are so driven and focused. I am hitching a ride on that enthusiasm and it is making the whole experience from start to finish, very positive.

Make sure to check out De Dannan and Sephira as they have tour dates through March across North America. They of course stop by in San Bernardino to play for the special.

Thanks so much to everyone for all the notes you are sending . I really treasure them. I am amazed that people are travelling cross country to attend the recording. It is astounding. Hopefully I get to hang out with you. There is a plan for a bit of a do in LA the night after.

Big Love


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  1. Michael,
    It's not across the country for us, but we're still looking forward to the show on the 18th. Sounds like you have put together an amazing show and it will be a huge treat to see.
    Also love your enthusiasm which is totally infectious.
    See you in 3 weeks! :)