Friday, July 9, 2010

Best Week Ever

I have no idea what is going on astrologically but something has certainly altered to benefit me in the past few weeks. If anyone can explain this out there let me know(my birthday is April 13)

1. This week I got my approval notice that makes me an Alien of Extraordinary Ability making me FINALLY eligible for a Green Card. After all these years of 1 - 3 year artistic visas and interviews with agents on the border everytime I go back and forth to Ireland I can finally relax a little.This country has been so good to me and has offered me so much opportunity. I finally feel like I belong here. For the longest time I have been in no mans land. Thank you to Barbara McCormick, the best immigration lawyer in the US. If you know of anyone who needs help send them to Dornan and Associates

2. I guess the biggest news is that I have been approached about filming my own show for TV. I wont give you details yet in case I jinx it but it will be recorded in early 2011. There will be a dvd and cd recording of the show. I promise to give you more info soon.

4. On September 16 I am doing a private concert in NYC for an audience of 75 people. We are charging $150 per person with a view to sending all money raised to Concern's projects in Haiti. The concert is being held in a luxurious Central Park West townhouse. If anyone in NYC is interested in coming to this exclusive show, email for details.

5. The High Kings are playing Chicago August 17 and I wanted everyone to know about it as they are brilliant live and I know it will be a great night. For details go to Irish American Heritage Center

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