Monday, June 14, 2010

Natasha McShane Event

So, I sang at an amazing event yesterday at the Irish American Heritage Center in Chicago. What an amazing place...I had no idea. The library alone is worth the trip.
I sang at a mass at the start of the event to raise funds for Natasha McShane, an Irish girl who was mugged 2 months ago in Bucktown. The girl needs huge medical attention and the Irish community of the town rallied in amazing numbers to show for a fantastic event raising hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Got to hear some great music. I was so impressed by Paddy Homan whose version of Bard of Armagh was about the best i have ever heard. The new band featuring Paddy, Maurice Lennon, Dennis Cahill and Jimmy Keane is truly brilliant.
Got to meet friends like Cliff Carlson and Patrick Fitzell
Great day altogether.

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