Wednesday, May 19, 2010


So happy to be back in Chicago after a great trip to Ireland and then on to NYC to start plans for a new album.

We have decided when looking over all the recordings we have made over the past few years to release something online at the end of the summer and i will get details to you soon. BUT we have also decided to go back into the studio to create something a little different this year. Let the rumours begin.....

I need to clarify something. I am getting emails and facebook messages from all over about this and it is about time I set the record straight. I have appeared on websites in Brazil, Spain, Portugal, France and China this year as either lead singer or Creative Director of Celtic Legends. I am neither , nor have I been for a year now. I am not performing with the show nor will I be.

The only shows I am involved with are Celtic Fire or Celtic Fusion

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