Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Summer Stuff

Hi Everyone

It is for sure a lazy, hazy crazy day of summer. Not a fan. Everything slows down and frankly that is all very well and good occasionally but not something I want permanently. I simply have too much to do.

I am heading to Nashville next week to perform at a private event. Looking forward to seeing everyone in my management's office. They are a great team of people and it is always a lot of fun when i stop by.

Well, just to keep y'all informed(i'm so southern!)............

 Today, I have an important meeting with a potential producer for the album. I am a fan of his work and apparently he wants to work with me too so let's hope that we are on the same page. It is a slow painful process but it is coming around. I want to get into the studio so BAD but my schedule as a producer has been getting in the way lately. I seem to have bitten off as much as i can chew. I am, I might add, chewing as fast as I can.

The full schedule of the MY IRELAND TOUR 2016 has been set and we are now confirming hotels and dates which is a complicated process, as essentially we have to block book hotels in the hope that all you guys want to sign up. From the looks of the facebook page and the emails I got, i think we will have a full tour next year. Plenty of return passengers which is a good sign and new fans wanting to come to Ireland with me. We are still aiming at early June.

I am planning for the fall which looks CRAZY right now. So many airports in my sights. I will probably leave my house mid October and return on Dec 20, by the looks of things. During that time I will hit 8 countries. Exhausted just thinking about it. I really am gettin' auld. However, the thoughts of performing in Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands is so much fun. I visited Amsterdam at aged 20. Little did i think I would return all these years later to sing in the biggest theater in town.

We apparently have a lot of new fans on facebook looking to get my albums, book and dvd so I thought i would do a little summer special for everyone. Delighted to be getting so many new fans from South East Asia.

We have a few different offers available.

For the new fan or to send the whole package to a new fan, we have the AUTOGRAPHED SUMMER PACK which includes Michael's book, the dvd of his PBS special and a copy of his last album Danny Boy - The Songs of Ireland - all three available for $40, almost 50% off the total retail price. Click the BUY NOW button.

Michael's book Secrets of an Irish Tenor is available for order at $25. The book will be autographed with a personalized message. Please specify who the book is for in delivery address if you are sending it as a gift.

I hope you are enjoying the summer. It won't be long before we will all be complaining of the cold.

Big Love


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