Monday, January 26, 2015

Website Down

Hi Everyone

we are currently working on the website so to keep you up to date, I thought i would write a wee blog for you. I apologize for the inconvenience. We should have the website up and running in the next few days. We lost all our files to the inter webs and are now trying to find them all. SO ANNOYING.

I had no time for the post Christmas blues as we headed straight into APAP in early January. APAP happens once a year when all the theatrical presenters in North America and abroad gather in New York to look at what shows they are presenting in the coming year. I showcased there for the first time in many years. Usually, I don't love it as it is kind of awkward for artists to present their wares to theaters, so to speak, but this year was the exception. We had so much fun. Lots of WBA artists gathered to showcase in a cool club on the West side. Blues, Rock, Country, Cabaret artists all in one room. I got to hear great artists from Lee Roy Parnell to Scotty Bracher, so different from me but inspiring and so talented.

I was also there as a producer. I met with Anthony Street, from Melbourne, as we are presenting Celtic Illusion for touring, worldwide. We also are working on a new project. I won't share too much except for the name. ECLIPSE will begin touring in the coming year. I brought one more new project to the table called I AM IRELAND. A one man show starring Paddy Homan, the celebrated Irish singer. It is a fantastic celebration of the 100 years of Ireland's independence in 2016. I am so honored and excited to be a part of this production. We debut the show in Chicago at the IBAM Festival in the fall. Tickets for that go on sale on February 1st from the IBAM website.
This is my year to produce. I get such a kick out of working with artists i believe in. Anthony and Paddy are people that inspire me and it gives me great joy to see their work get the credit it deserves.

I promise to record this year too, probably over the summer. I know i have been neglectful on that front but I had to follow my gut and that is where it led me. However, now that the book is done and dusted(first pressing sold out!) i can now focus back on recording.

I thought i would do a video chat on Monday February 2nd at 8pm Central. I will post the link over the weekend. We can catch up on news, talk about 2015, you can ask more questions.

I leave for Australia in early April to work on the Celtic Illusion tour. It should be FUN and hopefully I will see some Oz sunshine before it heads into their winter. I will celebrate my 50th birthday down under. There is an official party elsewhere....actually there are a few. I may have to run the Concern 5K in Australia depending on my dates. Either way, I am running. I am taking my first holiday in years then, somewhere in Asia. I need some adventure. Not sure how much time off i can take before the urge to work kicks in.

Booking for the Ireland trip in May continue to come in. I am thrilled with the response. It is going to be a lot of fun. I STILL have ladies looking for roommates on the tour so message me if you are interested.

Planning has begun for my first European dates in a few years. First date to be announced is Aalborg in Denmark on November 29 and I am excited to be bringing an all new european band with me. Great to be playing such a fantastic venue as I haven't played Scandinavia before.

I have some March date before i leave for Oz.

March 6 Yavapai Center, Prescott, AZ GOOD SEATS AVAILABLE
March 7 Dell E Webb Center, Wickenburg, AZ SOLD OUT
March 8 Chandler Center for the Arts, Chandler, AZ LIMITED SEATS

OK - I am off to get on that treadmill!!!! UGH!

ML xo

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