Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Hey from Nashville

Just down in Nashville, my favorite place outside of Ireland for some meetings. Really I find excuses to come down for a few days. 

I've really very little to share with everyone. I am looking out across the Nashville skyline thinking how much my life has changed in the past year since arriving in this town. I feel so at home here, like I belong.  It is so nice to feel that crisp air. The first days of autumn that promises cold morning runs on the frosty road, sitting by the fire in the evening and the occasional slice of pumpkin pie, which if you know me at all, is what makes me happy.

I know you are wondering what I am up to, but honestly I have been pretty chilled lately. None of my friends can quite believe that I am not my usual hit the ground running self. I enjoyed a very lazy summer. I guess I was resting on my laurels after the Emmy® nominations. I've always thought of myself as a chaser, knocking down challenge after challenge with not many rewards. I just liked the fight. But when you get a commendation from your peers that tells you that you have reached a standard worthy of some acclaim, it is unnerving. You no longer are that person chasing a goal. You have achieved a goal. People said to me "ah, you won't be happy with a nomination, you will chase a win next time. This is simply not true in my case. It completely blew me away and changed my perceptions. It made me realise I am not running up the hill any more. I reached the top of the hil so now I am perfectly happy to lay out the lawn chair, open a Cab/Zin blend and chill the hell out.

So, where am I with plans. I know this makes you happy. I am doing some dates in the US through the winter and some European dates in 2014. I am singing in a few new projects for other artists. Check out Jewel's new Christmas album. I am producing a one man show for another singer which I am thrilled about. We starts rehearsals for that in October and will announce it soon enough. I like being behind the scenes and creating projects for others. I am also working on bringing someone over from Ireland to perform for you.....someone you know!!!

It won't be long for the Celtic Thunder Cruise. I am EXCITED!!! I get to hang out on a boat with my friends, perform a few times and maybe even relax....what?  The show I am putting together will be fun and unusual. New songs you wont have heard before plus old songs you know and love. I am all about the singing so you guys better be ready to sing. Now you will have heard I am doing another non singing event on board. I have no idea why you people just assumed it was a wine tasting. Really I have no idea why you would think that is what is happening. It's not like one of my best friend's Jean Clancy, general manager of Celtic Thunder and wine bar owner is on board or anything. It's not like we both are obsessed with wine and she is an expert or anything. Anyway, I cannot confirm or deny we are doing a wine tasting event on board.

By now you will have heard about the event on November 01, the eve of the sailing, in FADO, Miami. I will be there for sure and will sing a song or two, just to get you all in the mood for a week of festivities.

Fado, Miami
Theater on board the Victory

So I am off into my management's office. By the way, my manager is Robert Williams. He and his team in the office are brilliant, hard working and funny as hell. We laugh all day when we work together. It isn't work at all to us. Check them out;

FYI The new High Kings album is almost out here in the US.  I am a big fan and I love the sound of this albu,. I know you will enjoy it. Check it out Friends for Life

Confirmed Dates (more to follow)

Nov 02 Celtic Thunder Cruise
Dec 06 Cerritos Center, Los Angeles
Dec 10 Foxwoods, CT
Dec 16 Avon Park, FL
Dec 17 Lakeland Center, FL
Dec 18 Greensboro, GA
Mar 04 Green Valley, AZ
Mar 07 Jupiter, FL
Mar 13 Fort Pierce, FL
Mar 14 Orange Park, FL
Mar 15 Skokie, IL
Mar 17 Cedar Rapids, IA

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