Sunday, January 27, 2013

Grammy Shmammy

Hey Everyone

Sunday morning. Feeling a lil but sore after being a tad over achieving in my run yesterday. As I get older I forget that my body isn't able to do what it used to. Still, it felt good to get out running again. I've been slow to get back to my fitness since the start of the new year. I need to be focused when i get back to the gym but this January I've just been too busy.

I hit New York for a week in the studio. My manager and 335 Records let me know that they decided to release an Irish album in early March and I needed to have it ready to roll for them in 2 weeks. I have a lot of Irish songs recorded that have never been released but still had to get some more songs done and dusted. To celebrate the 6 million views on Youtube, 335 want to get my music out to people who normally don't listen to Irish music. They had my Youtube version remixed and remastered to sound gorgeous and are calling the album Danny Boy - The Songs of Ireland. Hilariously, there are a few songs on there which people think of as Irish but are not.

So what is on there? Well, I have a nice version of the Wexford song Boolavogue, a song written in the North by Francis McPeake called Wild Mountain Thyme (which most people think of as Scottish), my cover of Mummer's Dance (which is actually written by Canadian Celtic Legend, Loreena McKennitt) and a few more. The last song on the album is a nod to my current life in Nashville.

I've also added a new song that when I heard for teh first time thought to myself, my word THAT is an irish song.(It isn't!) It All Leads Back To You is a beauty that I think will be recorded by many artists in the future.

I am saving my own songs written with great people through 2012 for a special project later this year. I CANNOT WAIT for you to hear those songs.

I have no release date for you but the pre-order link will go up in about 2 weeks. We were thinking about only releasing this on tour but 335 persuaded me to release it to the public.

This week I headed to Nashville to do some more recording and I was lucky enough to be invited to the Grammy Nominee Party in Loews Vanderbilt. It was so much fun. I was nervous going really as I always feel like i don't belong at those things. I walk in the door and there is Vince Gill saying hi which makes me speechless. A swift right turn to get to the bar for some dutch courage sorted that out. I ended up talking to the rest of Vince's band, The Timejumpers who have 2 nominations this year, one for Best Country album. I am a HUGE fan of their lead singer, Dawn Sears. She sings as back up for Vince when he is on tour but really comes into her own as lead voice of The Timejumpers. In my humble opinion, she has the best country voice of all time.

I met some industry heads then who filled me on who was in the room which honestly was the who's who of Nashville. Got to meet the lovely Carrie Underwood who looked like a huge star. She is glowing, gracious, humble and really beautiful. She is performing in Dublin soon and asked about inside tips on where to go.....I had no idea but totally faked it.

I chatted a bit with Hunter Hayes who is tiny. He looks about 12. He is a huge talent and the nominations show. I think he might be the next big thing....ironically.

Little Big Town were there and caused a hubbub as was Dierks Bentley who is the essence of cool. I got to hang out for a while with Old Crow Medicine Show who were hilarious. I am a big fan so I was secretly thrilled but tried not to show it.  They were so overwhelmed with their nomination.

Anyways, it went late into the night and I simply had the best time. I kept wondering how a boy from Wexford got to be in that room. My life has changed so dramatically over the past few years and I am amazed at the opportunities I have had.

Anyways, the glitz has died and I am home. Happy to be back to wearing my sweats, laying low, watchin tv and working out. It is a quiet existence. I have some tour dates to plan for and a few other projects to work on but in general, it is an easy time for me. I have so much contentment in my life right now. I think it comes with age.

Congratulations to my friends Chloe Agnew, Mairead Nesbitt and Paul Byrom on their IMA awards. I truly believe Paul and I should just hand the award back and forth to each other every year although he is more of a tenor than I am. I am more of a singer songwriter type artist....a little rougher around the edges. Not complaining! It is so great to know that fans and music industry people acknowledge your work. Paul is gettin the PBS special ready and heading into a big year.

I particularly want to give a shout out to Mickey Coleman for his award. He doesn't have a big "Celtic" show on PBS but has still built a huge following winning the Best Solo Performer Award. That is a huge achievement.

I was due to be in France this week but the album release changed all my plans. For now though, I am really happy to be in the Mid West!

Don't skip the videos. Give yourself a Sunday morning musical treat.


  1. Hi, Michael - Thanks for this update. You had mentioned sometime back that you might be coming to Foxwoods in Connecticut. Anymore word on that? You sound very content and we're all looking forward to more from you. :)

  2. confirmed for Dec 11, I believe. Tix not up yet.

  3. Michael, I am jealous! Thrilled that you met all of those legends, true musicians and artists. And the lesser known talent like The Time Jumpers (I'd heard of them), and Old Crow Medicine Show is new music for Diana to listen to. Thanks!! Keep up the good work, I'm looking forward to the new album and whatever that special project is.

  4. Awesome stuff, Michael! I'm a country music fan, have been for years, and Vince Gill is a long-time favorite. Visiting Nashville is on my bucket list, for sure...very much looking forward to the new album! God bless!

  5. Great blog!! Hey, you would fit right in! I look for America to keep hearing more and more from all you Celtic guys! I'm so proud of all of you! Can't wait for your new CDs!! Thanks for sharing.....XX