Tuesday, May 3, 2011

May News

Hi Everyone

Hello from deepest Missouri!

I am planning the next month and thought I would let you know where we are and what is happening as I have had a few emails.

So....the past 4 weeks have been quite a wild ride. We have been looking at what we filmed in San Bernardino and to be honest I am simply blown away by how good the show is. Sephira and De Dannan are simply brilliant. The choir and orchestra sound fantastic, the audience are gorgeous lookin and I am ....well....a little over-emotional as you will see once it is released. The team at Mindfox have been doing a great job editing to remove all of my stupid mistakes and making it all look pristine. Steve Skinner has been mixing it and it will be coming at you in surround sound which really makes a huge difference.

To get picked up for distribution by PBS National is something we really hadn't expected and indeed it happens to VERY FEW specials filmed for public TV. The next step is to announce our launch station which will happen in the coming week. I head to the PBS conference in Orlando next month to meet all the stations from around the country with our PBS guru Gustavo Sagastume from International Media. I will then start planning those station visits around the country during summer/fall pledges.
Now everyone is asking about the tour. We will start announcing plans for a large spring 2012 tour soon. I am VERY excited about the details of that and cant wait to announce who we are working with.So, I ask your patience. Putting together a big tour involves so many moving parts and I guess the whole thing is growing faster than we realised so we are playing catch up.

Our first big PBS related tour dates however happen at Christmas. I am heading to San Francisco for a residency at the Marine's Memorial Theater for 18 dates starting Dec 13. Tickets will be available very soon. The team connected to the theater are AMAZING. The artists coming up there include Linda Eder and Glee's Darren Criss There are very exciting events happening attached to that including a spot singing at the Giants game in August. I spent a month in San Fran 10 years ago with Riverdance and it was a very special time in my life with my visiting family and friends. To get to go back to the same town with my own show in a renowned San Francisco theater is just thrilling and makes me grateful beyond belief. It will be a very big Christmas show with a BIG cast. How lucky I am!

So recording news....the cd and dvd of Beyond Celtic does not have a release date quite yet but as soon as we are allowed, I will announce our record company. I have wanted to work with this company for years. I spoke to several labels and noone excited me like these guys.

For now, I head home to Chicago to start planning...then it's Ireland for my mam's 70th birthday and some well deserved pints of Guinness.


  1. Thanks for the update. I can't wait to see the show on PBS and to buy it for myself.

  2. Thanks Michael!! Good to hear how well things are coming along! Looking forward to the PBS show and of course the CD or DVD and where you will be touring. Enjoy it all!

  3. Michael, You have been so busy with all this planning. So happy to see it's all working out so well. I look forward to your PBS station visit here in Southern CA - hoping you will be at one of the stations here!
    Are there still plans for filming a Christmas show?
    I'll be up near San Francisco around Christmas and will try to see your show there. What a treat that would be!
    As always, sending great thoughts for only great things to happen. Take care.