Sunday, December 20, 2009


So the end of 2009 has come. I am so excited about 2010 and next month will be announcing details of my new very exciting project. I am eager for 2010 to start but need to acknowledge 2009 first.

I have one date left here in lovely Spokane, WA this afternoon. Looks like it is sold out so that is a nice way to end the Christmas tour and frankly it reflects just how successful the tour and the Christmas album went.

I thought about how I felt about it all this morning and I realised just how happy I have been over the past 10 weeks or so. I realised how proud I am of this Christmas album and how happy I was that reviewers and fans loved it so much. I never quite take my music seriously enough and never quite realise the effect it has on people. This year, I realised. I feel humbled and proud at the same time.

To have Sharon Weisz and Jon Konjoyan work with me on Beyond was a huge help. Hearing your music on Sirius, reading reviews across the US and getting airplay across the country is all down to you guys.

Thank you to everyone for spreading the word. It is tough being an independent artist so you need a team of people around you to act as advocates. I certainly have that. You are all brilliant.

The year started off badly for me. I was in a stressful situation that I had to get out of. I forgot i was a singer and wasted a long time working for other people. Talk about a waste!!!! Walking away was the best decision I ever made in my life. I guess I returned to what I do best...being a singer.

It is funny that I am a middle aged man who feels like he has just started, but that is what the situation is. I have many things ahead of me and frankly I feel like I am just getting going.

To my band I say thanks so much for your dedication, your love and respect. To Mellad I cannot tell you how much I admire you. I appreciate all your hard work. To Steve Skinner, you are family and always will be . Thanking you in a blog is not enough. TO Patty, I appreciate those words that make me stronger. Maybe you dont realise it, but i am listening.

To everyone in Wexford. Love yas and am a singer because of ye.

To Mam and Dad for always believing in me

Thanks Mark for being Brilliant(not to mention handling all the distribution and management of the campaign).

A Big Thank You to all those fans for their lovely letters and gifts. Your words of encouragement make a huge difference to me.

To everyone .....thanks a thousand.

OK, off to the last gig and then I plan on a very nice cabernet!

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