Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Come to Wexford

SO I want to tell everyone about my home town. I am lucky enough to be from Wexford, the singing capital of Ireland. Home to Wexford Festival Opera, one of the most magical festivals in the world. Every October , the Opera world comes to my little town to perform rare Operas, recitals, choral masses and best of all to sing in on of our many musical pubs. For information on the festival go to
Nothing better than a night in Wexford Opera House followed by pints of Guinness in my local, Simon Lamberts. In one night you can hear magnificent arias, traditional Irish music and showtunes....this is in the pub!!!!
I just realised that this year I get to be there for the whole thing. First time in a long while. wahoooooooooooo!

Check out and think about paying a visit.

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