Sunday, June 7, 2009

Updates for you

Thank you to TL in Oklahoma for sending the lovely gift. I look forward to my concert in your neck of the woods in December.

Thank you to all the lovely people in China who wrote to say they enjoyed our shows. We have plans for my own concert tour next year and of course a return trip by Celtic Legends.

We are adding more and more dates to the Holiday tour which is my favourite tour of year. Keep an eye on the calender page. Just added New Jersey and Arizona to the mix. I am lucky be heading back to Wickenburg, AZ after an amazing time there in the spring.

This week I am adding a web store to buy the CELT album online and we are adding a link to buy the Asian imports here in the US as I am sick of the complaints from US buyers looking for copies.

Last night I headed out to the pledge on WTTW with some of the lads from Celtic Thunder. The pledge was off the charts and I couldn't be happier for Sharon the creator and the lads. They have worked every hour over the past 2 years and it is paying off handsomely. If you have been living under a rock for a few years go to for more information.

Bye for now

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