Friday, April 23, 2010


I am going home to Wexford today. I have had a few visa issues ately as I am changing to permanent status but everything eems to have come together and I can finally get to Wexford. My local Society Wexford Light Opera perform in the Wexford Opera House. I rarely get a chance to see their productions so I am very excited. They are one of the premier groups in Ireland and the shows are the best you get. Indeed I performed as Charlie in their production of Brigadoon. That wasnt today or yesterday.

So we have been booking some July dates in Iowa. I am excited to get up there. I am amazed at the gorgeous theaters scattered across the country. Go to my facebook page for details of the theaters.

The designs for Celtic Fire are in and they look gorgeous. WE are in no rush as we wont perform as a group till 2011. Got in a lot of bookings but have decided to wait till then. I have too much on my plate. I promise to put up some teaser pics over the year.

Went to see Corinne Bailey Rae and Daniel Merriweather last night. Both stunningly talented artists.

Thursday, April 15, 2010



I am just back from dates in California. Got to play the California in San Bernardino. 1700 seats, What a gorgeous old hall. I brought along my lovely band and 6 dancers. It was an odd date as it wasnt a solo gig and wasnt a large dance show. We had a laugh as usual and the audience indeed lapped it up.
It is always stunning to me when speaking to audience members after, just how affected they are by our shows. People sob their hearts out and are joyous at the same time. My agent and publicist surprised me which was lovely. I dont enjoy knowing people in the audience so it is best I found out after. I do indeed judge a town by audience reaction and the catering in the theater....i know!......but let me tell you, San Bernardino passes on both fronts. The California is the stage that Will Rogers last performed on and you can feel it in the old place. They dont make em like that anymore.
Headed to LA after the gig for a few days off and a visit to check on my agents. Got in a lot of socialising for a change so at the end of it all I am exhausted.
I celebrated my birthday in town going to where we saw Simon Cowell, Bruno Tonioli and Nigel Lithgow in power play conversation. Loads of celeb spotting . Headed to The Village Idiot for birthday drinks with showbiz friends, old and new from Lee Lessack to Amy Weaver to Angela Kinsey to musical theater people like Kathy Dietch I had the best time in LA. It just puts me in a good mood. I was still relieved to be headed back to Chicago where.....funnily enough, it is warmer than in LA.
Heading to Ireland next for some planning for later in the year and to chill with my friends and family in Wexford.
Anyways, it was fun

Sunday, April 4, 2010



Life has been crazy for the past while. March tends to be a little busy for me as you can imagine. I have been fulfilling my last 5 dates with Celtic Legends and so ends my connection with the show. The shows were booked a year ago and I had to get together a group of 12 dancers and 5 musicians. Once we got everyone together and saw how talented everyone was, I decided why not put together our own show to tour the US.

And so.....CELTIC FIRE was born!

I am always being asked to produce my own show for the US and there are no US based Irish shows so it seemed like the next logical step. We put the show together in a few weeks and it has turned out to be the most satisfying and fun experience of my entire professional life.

The show is now in place. We have a website booked, the design figured out(and just wait for is gorgeous) We have lovely new costumes that are truly beautiful.
Most importantly I have the nicest and most talented dancers and musicians I have worked with. Just nice people who are a joy to be with.

I asked the amazing Claire Worley on board to choreograph. She is incredible. She also designed and help make the costumes. Her brother Mellad has been musical director for my concerts for years and he is a gentleman. His original music and arrangements are really just perfect.

So we have some bookings in place. We are not going big with this show but keeping it to a manageable level so it doesnt take over my concert work. However this has been the most fulfilling time of my life. I am so proud of the kids involved in the show. Our first dates are in January 2011 in sunny Florida.(anything to avoid the Chicago winter)

We are currently adding new July concert dates in Iowa,South Dakota and Nebraska. Details to follow......