Monday, September 19, 2011

Damien, Wexford and more.......

So tonight, Monday September 19 at 7pm Central,we are having a webinar to chat to fans. I am hosting a tour to Ireland next May and we want to answer questions fans have about the tour. I am excited to host a group not only travelling around Ireland but also in my home town, Wexford. You have heard me at the concerts talk about how great the place is and now you can come with me to see it for yourself. To register for the webinar click on Wexford

Proud to tell you that Damien McGinty, formerly of my friends in Celtic Thunder who has gone on to great things in Hollywood, getting into the cast of now a supporter not only of Concern Worldwide but also a supporter of Haiti with a new program called Your Dollar, Our Future.

My link to Haiti and Concern

Your Dollar, Our Future: Michael Londra with Concern in Haiti from Concern Communications on Vimeo.

I am very happy to announce that after debuting on the PBS network nationally in August, Michael Londra's Beyond Celtic, my exciting production involving a cast of the finest Celtic musicians and dancers will begin touring North America in November. We have aired over 250 times nationally with more airings and live pledges for tickets coming in September through December. We begin touring in late fall and are currently looking at 50 dates nationally through 2012 so far. Phew, I am exhausted even saying it.

The pledges last week on the West Coast were a lot of fun with stops in Seattle and San Bernardino.....and a few days in the Hollywood Hills by a pool! Shout out to the Celtic Thunder fans who called in to the station to say hello and to the lovely lady who made me scones.

This summer has been thrilling, tiring and fun. It was just wonderful to get the reaction from people to the show. I feel like I am at journey's end and have such a sense of satisfaction but the funny thing is that it is only beginning. It will be great just to get going. I have asked some fantastic musicians to join me including the great Steve Holloway and Tony Steele from the band of Riverdance on Broadway. Also joining me along the way in various ports will be Caitlin Warbelow, Jackie Moran, Kathleen Keane, Mellad Abeid, David Schulz and a lovely orchestra. With guest artists Sephira joining us occasionally and World Champion Irish Dancer Owen Barrington plus a troupe of dancers, this all adds up to be a great night out. Amazing to me to get to work with these brilliant people on and off stage in my own show.

The album and dvd are available now for preorder on Amazon with an Oct 11 release date on the Razor and Tie label. Along with those releases is a new studio album featuring studio versions of some of the songs from the show along with some previously unreleased tracks of covers and originals including a nice new version of my tribute to my friend Eoin Colfer's great character Artemis Fowl and a cover of U2's classic Ground Beneath Her Feet. The Road Not Taken has the same release date: October 11. So all you people out in blog world can be the first to know that we have had our first meeting to talk about Beyond Celtic 2. We've decided on a date in Spring 2012 and on a general direction. Details to follow but it is certainly exciting. Onwards - Upwards!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Daniel Furlong


The album and dvd is available for pre-order now on

Listen to Road Not Taken

Now all the Thunderheads at the first Celtic Thunder date know about Daniel and word is spreading like wildfire. I have been dying to shout from the rooftops for a while now as young Daniel is indeed from my homestead Wexford and I have known him since he was knee high....not that that he is much bigger now. He has been a light on the music scene at home for a while now.

He's from an area just outside the town called Taghmon, a village I love. Full of nice people and a love for music. I guess that is what Wexford is all about. I first met him in the local radio station. I was a boy soprano too so I identified with him straight away. The only difference is that when I was a kid I had no confidence at all and was terrified. Daniel has an inner confidence without being cocky in any way. I gave him a few words of advice that day and I know he has always been grateful for it. He has that essence that singers need to make it in the business. It is not his voice but that piece of magic that is rare.

I remember when he played Oliver in a local production. I was asked along to launch the production and I talked about making a future as a singer to all the kids in the show. I looked over at Daniel and said I knew he would be a big star one day. He had that spark then and now it is only beginning to shine. Here is a pic from that night

I know you will love his singing and in the future I will be asking for his autograph. Wexford is very proud of him. I am very proud of him. The question is will we ever get to record together now as we've always had a plan. I want to sing with him before that voice breaks. A boy soprano is just the most perfect sound.

Anyway, his family and the whole town of Wexford is beaming tonight.

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The next news is more pledges for my show Beyond Celtic coming up in

Seattle KCTS 9 7pm 9/12/11
Spokane KSPS 7pm 9/12/11
San Bernardino /LA KVCR 7pm 9/12/11

I am live in Seattle and San Bernardino. I wish I could be live in Spokane is it is one of favourite towns but we are pledging tickets for a show in all pledges. Watch the show for details.

The other piece of news is that we had our first meeting on Monday to discuss the 2nd PBS show to be filmed in spring 2012. Now exciting! Details to follow.

Here is an outtake from the first Beyond Celtic in case you missed it.

Don't forget to check out my new website

Michael Londra's Beyond Celtic

Lastly as you know I am hosting a trip to Ireland beginning on May 1, 2012 with Judy's Leisure Tours centered on a trip to my home town for a one off special concert and then heading around my favorite spots in Ireland. There is a webinar to be held on Sept 19. To register click here. The tour is proving to be popular so come along to find out about the tour before it is too late.

So much has been going on lately that I am forgetting to smell the coffee. The only time I get to do that is when someone writes a note or email or sends a card. I want to thank you all for each and every thought you put to paper or on an email. It is certainly inspirational.

Big Love